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Eyevaidya Eyecare has been confidently serving the community of Indian Land as the leading eye care in the area since 2018. Our mission is to help families reach and maintain healthy eyesight for life.We check for your current eye condition and decide your treatment. Our exceptional and experienced staff is dedicated to improving our patients’ eye health and enhance vision. 

Eye Care Services

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Consists of several different tests. It is important part of caring for your eyes, vision, and overall all eye health.

Pediatric eye Examnination

To identify vision issues at a young age. Catching issues now can prevent more severe diseases in the future.

Glaucoma Examination

it is essential for everyone. If glaucoma is diagnosed early, treatment may help slow or prevent vision loss.

Cataract Surgery

commonly surgical procedure that involves replacement of cloudy natural lens of the eye with a new artificial lens.

Pterygium Excision

Removes the pterygium from the cornea and the root of the pterygium.

Vision Therapy

It develops and enhances the fundamental visual skills and abilities, which leads to increased visual comfort.

Years of Experience
Happy Patients
Eye Services

Our Eye Consultant

dr Anurag

Anurag Shukla

Eye Consultant


Anurag Shukla is the co-founder of Eyevaidya Eyecare and eye consultant at Eyevaidya Eyecare, Kasrawad Branch in Madhya Pradesh.

He had graduated from MPMSU Jabalpur and completed his training from the prestigious Sadguru Netra Chikitsalaya, Chitrakoot in Satna (M.P.).

He had completed two-year comprehensive fellowship from Shroff Charity Eye Hospital, New Delhi.

After a short stint of working at Chaudhary Eye7 Hospital in Delhi for 2 years, he has been practicing in Kasrawad (M.P.) since 2022.

Happy Patients

Thank You Anurag Sir ! for your wonderful treatment and kind gesture. You are truly a man of honor and word. I appreciate your dedication for work.
Mohit Jain
New Delhi, India
Professional and courteous staff. Very clean facility. The doctor answered all my questions and made me feel at ease with all my concerns. Thank You so much sir !
Abhimanyu Thakur
New Delhi
Doctor is very professional and polite. I had double vision followed by cataract surgery. They prescribed prism glasses and exercise. After 3 follow up, i'm very comfortable, no double vision without glasses . Thank you !
Sunil Tyagi
Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

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Welcome To Eyevaidya

The right eyewear balances form and function. You want to look great, feel great, and see clearly in every condition. Eyevaidya can help you find your match.

Welcome to


At Eyevaidya Eyecare we understand that each of our patients are all on their own unique journeys. Whether you’re a student, an athlete, a parent or even a child discovering the world each of these tasks have their own set of challenges.

Women's Eyeglasses

Men's Eyeglasses

Kid's Eyeglasses

Welcome to our

Vision Therapy

The goal of vision therapy is to improve your quality of life through vision. We will customize a program that fits your needs. Treatment may consist of both in-office work and at-home exercises. To get started on your vision therapy journey,

Vision Therapy

Our precise vision therapy instrument 

Best Selling Product

Give your eyewear wardrobe a refresh with these new arrivals.

Experience CLARITY

Clarity In Not Just How You See, But How You Start Thinking About Your Vision.

How to Order Rx Glasses

We keep the online glasses ordering process as easy as possible.

1. Select frame

Select your favorite frame.

2. Enter Prescription

Fill in your prescription and PD.

3. Select Lens Type

Choose the type of lens that suits you best.

Try Our Guides!

We are here for you

Face shape Guide

Help to pick right frame that makes you feel confident.

Frame selection Guide

Help to choose the right frame size for your glasses.

Prescription Guide

Help to read and understand about your glass Prescription.

Sunglass Gallery


These lenses are made of dynamic materials that automatically adjust to the level of surrounding light. They can take the place of prescription sunglasses and they block out 100% of UV rays.

UV coating can be applied to regular eyeglasses unless the lens is made with polycarbonate. UV coated lenses look like any other lens – the coating is transparent.

If you are getting prescription sunglasses, you might want to get tinted eyeglasses instead. These look like sunglasses and protect the health of your eyes by keeping out UV rays, but technically they aren’t true sunglasses. There are two type of tint : 

1. Basic Tint : a single uniform colour with specific percentage.

2. Gradient Tint : Combine fashion with function with trendy gradient lenses that go from dark on the top to light on the bottom.

Polarized lenses reduce extra bright light glares and hazy vision. An option that offers superior clarity and eye protection.

A transparent coating that helps protect glass lenses from those annoying scratches. Scratch-resistant coating is especially useful for children’s eyeglasses.

Anti-glare lenses are dipped in a special material to make them less reflective than regular eyeglass lenses. This coating also improves the function of the eyeglasses because less light is lost and the wearer enjoys very clear vision.

Lens index is a number that describes how thick or thin your
lenses are. The higher a lens’ index is, the thinner it becomes.
Higher prescriptions require higher index lenses, while lower
prescriptions require lower index lenses.

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