Mirror Stereoscope

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Mirror Stereoscope Home VT Model and In-Office Model

For home vision training during intensive therapy & for retention therapy. Doctors now realize that it is as important to retain the new visual abilities as it was to train them initially.

Many successful vision training patients have been lost to follow-up because they thought they were cured. It is for this reason that Eyevaidya is developing vision training equipment for the patient to buy from their optometrist and take home during or after their training. Some primary care optometrist are using these tools for home training when they do not do in-office VT themselves & don’t have a doctor for a referral.

This is a Wheatstone-type stereoscope; a true space fusion trainer with a 40PD Base-In to 50PD Base-Out range. By changing the configuration, the instrument serves as a single oblique mirror stereoscope or cheiroscope. Trains for simultaneous vision, elimination of suppression, ARC, fusion, stereopsis, cheiroscopic drawing skill & development of fusional convergence/divergence reserves. Contains front surface mirrors for less distortion of the image or angles.

Training Kits Include: Mirror Stereoscope,Ruler, Two Red Pointers, Fusion Cards, Drawing Targets, and Manual

Both the Home Model and In-Office Model come with Targets and Cards.

Same cards for In-Office and Home Therapy. Items in both kits may be purchased separately.

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 700 × 100 × 100 mm


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